Treatment for Sweating

1 ) Botox and treatment for excessive sweating

Botox can also be applied to sweat glands. This way, the communication between sweat glands and the nerves which invoke them is blocked. Thus, excessive sweating is prevented. Many people feel discomfort especially due to armpit sweating problem. Especially in the summer, everybody sweats in the armpits. This condition creates a discomfort in both the person and the people around them. If Botox will be applied for armpit sweating, the most proper months are before the summer, such as April and May. I apply Botox before entering the summer to my patients. A person who gets Botox injection in May will spend the summer without having the problem of excessive sweating and smell of sweating. On the other hand, some people may sweat on the palm and soles independently from the season. Some patients even hesitate to handshake because that their palms are always sweaty. People with excessive sweating who create a psychological and social problem of it may be treated very successfully with Botox application. Injections reduce sweating, remove the complaint of smell due to sweating.

We investigate any underlying systemic problems before beginning treatment for sweating.

We use a Botox type that has longer effect than the one used for facial Botox.

2) Permanent armpit sweating treatment with Smart Lipo Triplex