Migraine Support Treatment

Botox and migraine treatment

The effect of Botox on migraine was not known to us until recently. This treatment was spontaneously noticed when migraine patients had Botox treatment for correction of wrinkles on the face and noticed migraine attacks got better. The underlying cause of most of migraine pains is the tension of muscles on the head. When the tension of muscles is removed, meaning the muscles are relaxed, an important factor of migraine can be removed. Many painkiller drugs are used for migraine treatment. However, the biggest advantage of Botox is that it does not kill the pain, it prevents the pain from occurring at the beginning. %80-90 of migraine patients benefit from Botox. The effect lasts 4-6 months. So the effect begins in 5-7 days after Botox application and lasts 4-6 months, reducing the frequency and severity of pain.