Hair Transplantation Process

The hair in the area of extraction are cut to 3 mm. ONLY THE NECK PART IS CUT IN LADIES.

This area is anesthetized with local anesthetics in order to numb the pain.

Grafts in groups of one, two or three hair roots are extracted with micro motors that has unique needles sized 0,7-0,8 mm. This automated system minimizes lost graft number. Hair roots will be extracted more efficiently. The duration of operation and graft extraction is shortened.

While this process goes on, other team separates these grafts into groups.

The area is applied local anesthesia.

Micro canals are opened in which the roots will be placed in the area of transplantation.

The stage of plantation of grafts begins. The most important point in this stage is to plant the grafts on the direction of hair growth.

Sıngular grafts are planted on the front in order to create a front line. Double and triple grafts are planted behind to increase the frequency and hair transplantation is completed.

There will be no incision or sutures in the area of hair extraction. This area will have abrasions smaller than 1 mm. They will heal in a few days without leaving any scars

Grafts extracted from the back with this method, can be used in eyebrow, mustache, beard transfer as well.

Depending on the condition of hair and number of the roots that will be planted, three thousand or more hair roots can be extracted.

Every graft has 1-3 hair strands. 1 graft hair is considered as 2 hair strands.

IT is possible to plant 30-60 hair per centimeter squares, depending on the number of acquired hair roots and baldness.

Another reason that this method is common is that there is not much pain after the surgery and the recovery duration is short.

The purpose of PRP hair treatment is to stop hair loss, strengthen the weak hair strands that are about to fall and help the hair get back its health and beauty.

PRP treatment is also used in hair transplantation as well as hair loss. Use of both techniques together provides positive results.

The blood of the patient is put to a special procedure and applied to the area of transplantation during the operation.

There is another feature of this method: Hair roots are kept in the special solution of PRP while waiting for hair transplantation. Thus, they are kept viable.