Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Ear is an organ with aesthetic and functional importance that affects the look of the person directly. We commonly observe many anomalies that involve the external ear. The most common one is the prominent ear anomaly.

Prominent ear anomaly refers to a condition in which the external ear is more open towards the front, different from the normal look. Children can be exposed to some talk about them in school and other social environments because of this anomaly, their friends may make fun of them. This affects their psychological development and success in school negatively. Therefore, ideal time for the surgery is before the school at the age of 6. However, those who are not operated in this time can also be operated later at any age.

Surgical intervention for correction of aesthetic look of the ear is called autoplasty. The aim of this procedure is usually to make the ear smaller, get the external ears closer to the head and shape the ear aesthetically.

Autoplasty surgery is usually made under local anesthesia and sedation. Sometimes, general anesthesia may be necessary in children. The operation approximately takes an hour. The external ear is flattened towards the back, ear folds are made properly if not developed. Stitches are absorbable, they do not require removal. There is no scar problem because the scar is left on the fold behind the surgery.

The head and ears are covered with sports band after the operation. There is no need for hospital stay. There is not much pain, pain killers are enough if it gets painful. Patient can return to school or work in a week or two.

Other shape problems of the external ear can also be corrected with autoplasty. Size of the external ear, earlobe, and tear of the ring hole are among them.

A well-made ear aesthetic surgery, makes your look better, increases your self-trust in society and helps you feel better.