LASER Lipolysis


The most criticized feature of laser liposuction method was that the results were insufficient as a result of low amount of fat removal.

Today, 2nd generation laser liposuction equipment have more power and they can absorb more amount of fat. With additional wavelengths, the area of suction became smaller, preventing hanging skin.

Along with development of the equipment that provides heat control in tissues, optimum heat that is required for breaking down the fat in targeted amounts can be maintained in control. Optimum heat level in which tension effect in the tissue is maintained, can be provided with thermal or movement sensors. Thus, the chance of insufficient results with low energy, or burn occurrence with high energy, is lowered.



Smart Lipo TriPlex System is used in our clinic for lipolysis.

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What is LASER lipolysis, how does it function? 

LASER lipolysis is a method proven for its safety and efficiency, approved by FDA in 2006 for body contouring. Fat cell walls are broken via LASER light, and the fat inside the cells are aimed to be exposed. This exposed fat is removed in wide areas with milimetric cannulas almost without any scars; in small areas such as jowls, this is not even necessary because lymphatic drainage removes this dissolved fat itself. Also, equipment with second and third wave lengths provides recovery in the area of fat removal and tension on the skin.




What are the advantages of LASER lipolysis?


– There is almost no scar left because the procedure can be done in very small cuts. It prevents long and visible scar development of lifting procedures when proper patients are chosen.

– I think the biggest advantage of LASER is the recovery it creates in the skin and connective tissues between skin and muscle. This recovery of connective tissue prevents hanging skins in the areas of fat removal, which would not be possible with classical liposuction method.

–  Empurpling and pain is much less than in the classical methods because laser does not break down the fat with a mechanical effect like in classical liposuction and it provides bleeding control; thus patient compliance is better and return to social life is faster. These features are proven in scientific articles.

– The fluctuation of classical liposuction is much less, because fat removal is more homogenous, thus the need for revisions is less.

– There is no systemic side effect reported.

– Complication and revision rates are low.



Where can it be applied?

It can be applied in almost everywhere that can be applied liposuction, such as belly, thighs, waist, genital area, medial side of the leg and knee.


It is appropriate to use in the areas which possibly develop hanging skin after liposuction, such as medial arm, face and jowl. It can be applied easily in the back which is difficult to apply liposuction and it provides recovery in the hanging skin. Also, it is an efficient method for treatment of gynecomasty in men. It can also be used for solving the problems efficiently in the areas that are applied a liposuction but not properly and sufficiently. It is also efficient in treatment of armpit sweating.