Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyes and eye contour are the most important structures that give the personal properties of the people to the human face. People with hanging eyebrow and eyelids have a sleepy, tired and exhausted expression.

The first sign of aging develops in the eye contour in many people. In time, the skin on the eyelid loosens, muscles relax, causing hanging skin and weight on the eye. Baggy eyes, wrinkles in the eye contour and hanging eyelids makes the person look tired and old. These changes create a tired, exhausted or angry expression with aging. Increasing symptoms may also cause functional problems in the eyes.




Today, applications such as Botox injections which are referred as nonsurgical beauty may solve some problems such as low eyebrows, hanging eyelids etc. However, this is to a limited extent. For further interventions, eyelid aesthetic operations are required.

First of all, a well-made eyelid examination is required. Actually, examination of the face is made in this evaluation. Excessive skin and fat, loosened muscles, lowered eyebrows are checked and the forehead and cheek is evaluated one by one. The type of the eyelid surgery is decided on in this examination. Eyebrow lift, forehead lift, temporal lift, midface lift or other cosmetic applications can be added to eyelid surgery while the operation is being planned.

Eyelid surgeries can be performed easily under sedation anesthesia or local anesthesia and it approximately takes 1-2 hours. Cuts on the upper eyelids are made on the eyelid folds in a way that will hide the scars. Excessive skin and fat tissue is removed as much as needed, fascial structures that keep the fat tissue is strengthened and bagging is prevented.

On the other hand, incisions on the lower eyelid are made under the eyelashes. In this operation, it is important to remove the excessive fat and skin as much as needed, or translocate them. This way, it may be possible to create smooth surface in the lower eyelids that extend to the cheek, creating a young and fresh look.

Patients can go their homes right away after the surgery, there is no need for hospital stay.

Swelling and empurpling around the eye contour is normal in this process. Intermittent cold application for the first 24-48hours gets them to minimum and they recover faster. Pain is not usual, but if pain is present simple pain killers are sufficient. Incision spots are covered with thin bands.

Eyelid is the best healing area of the body, there will not be visible scar left.

Depending on the job and social status, patient can get back to work in a week or two. At the end of the recovery process, a rested expression, fresh look and positive attitude is gained instantly.