Breast Aesthetic

Breast Enlargement

As a symbol of feminineness and fertility, breast types differ due to genetics, geography and human physionomy. Breasts take a significant place in female body and every women wants to have beautiful breasts. They may not have beautiful breasts with birth, or they can be deformed due to labor, fast weight gain and loss etc.

Sometimes breasts may be asymmetric. So, breast enlargement surgeries are one of the most common operations of aesthetic surgeons in both young and middle aged women. The purpose of these operations is to have larger and aesthetically more beautiful breasts.


The best candidates for breast enlargement are the ones without unnatural expectations, who think of the operation as a correction to get a better look. Breast enlargement aesthetic operation makes your look more beautiful, increases your self-trust and helps you feel and look better in society.

The target in breast aesthetic operation is to reach the best results for patient’s expectations and body ratios. If your breast is smaller than usual you can be a proper candidate for breast enlargement surgery. In this case, interventions towards breast enlargement make it possible to have larger, aesthetically more beautiful breasts.

New size of the breasts is determined by the doctor and patient considering the person’s desire, body sizes and condition of the breasts. However, hanging breasts which lost their volume may not give satisfactory results when only operated for prosthesis insertion. Additional breast lifting operation should be performed for better results.

Materials of breast enlargement are silicone prostheses. These prostheses do not have known harmful effects to human body. Also, silicone is being used for cardiovascular, eye, ear-nose-throat, and brain surgeries widely. Breast prostheses are produced in cohesive structure with advanced technology, silicone does not leak even if prosthesis is punctured.


Some people have a false belief that prostheses last for a limited time and they should be replaced after a while. This is not true. Prosthesis may last a lifetime as long as patient does not have a problem. Prostheses are approved by FDA in USA. This may support the idea that silicone is a safe material for our use.


Before the operation

The person who wants breast enlargement should find an aesthetic surgeon and be examined as the first step in this path. In this step, surgeon choice is very important. Because breast enlargement surgeries provide good results when done in good hands while improper surgeries cause damage that is difficult to undo. Here, surgeon’s hand skills and experience is very important. During this interview and examination, patient’s height, weight, body sizes, chest structures, breast sizes, skin type and mammarial glands are evaluated. These are the factors that will affect breast size, surgery type and the results of the operation. Patient should talk to the surgeon on the possible results.


For the cases with clearly hanging breasts, surgeon may offer a method that will lift the breast and reshape it. During the first visit, surgeon will explain you some details such as surgical technique, anesthesia, where the operation can be made, what the surgery can accomplish in realistic view etc. Every year Thousands of successful breast enlargement operations are done. Still, you should be informed about the possible risks and complications of the surgery. Complications such as infection and limited blood accumulation are rare and treatable.



Sizes of the Breasts

The most common question is how large the breasts will be. Aesthetically, there is no spesific size for breasts. Every woman has different breast sizes as they have different body sizes. Breast sizes are decided by evaluation of the body sizes. Ideal breast size should be as large to let its presence be felt, but in a way that fits the dresses, looking natural.

Another important topic is bra sizes. Bras are sized as 70-75-80 in our country. These numbers are the measurement of the chest under the breasts and as the number increases the cup size is increased. Some bras have two parameters. Chest and breast sizes are measured separately. Chest circumference is like 75-80 or 32-34 as inches while cup size goes on as A, B, C, D, E, F etc. So, a bra sized 85 also have sub types as 85A, 85B, 85C.

Ideal bra numbering should be like this. Because, if a patient with large chest but small breasts wears 90 sized bra, it won’t fit. Patient will have to use supports. On the other hand, patient’s bra size is 90 so it looks like she has ideal breast size.


Our breast enlargement surgery does not change chest circumference of the patient. It only changes cup size of the bra. So A size may become B-C-D but circumference will stay the same.

Breast size is defined more by cup size than the bra number. A cup refers to the smallest breast structure as B, C, D, E cups imply increasing sizes.


The type of the Breast Prosthesis:

The result of breast enlargement operation with silicone is more connected to the type of the prosthesis. Prosthesis technology is also advanced over time. Lately, our patients demand “teardrop” shaped prostheses. There is a fact that the breasts are not round. With a slight slope, they get elevated near the areola, and make a sharper arc after the areola. So, anatomical prostheses are produced for this anatomical fact.

The type, shape and size of the prosthesis can only be decided during the interview and planning of the operation with the patient. Here the shape of the breasts, patient’s height and body shape is important. The important thing is not to use teardrop prosthesis at all costs, but obtain it if it is the wanted type. Teardrop shaped prostheses may not cover the volume in the breasts with less volume in the upper part. Therefore prostheses that will cover the needs should be preferred.




Breast enlargement operations is performed for enlargement of typically small breasts or reduced breasts after childbirth (Also, it can be used for balancing the asymmetry due to the reconstruction after mastectomy). Method depends on which changes are desired and what surgeon thinks appropriate.

Breast enlargement surgery can be made under general anesthesia or sedation supported with local anesthesia. Approximate duration of the surgery is 1-2 hours. Hospital stay is not usually necessary.

There are several surgical approaches used for breast enlargement. Most common techniques are submammary incision which is made slightly above the line between breast and chestwall or periareolar incision made under the areola in shape of a crescent. A rarer one is axillar incision. Prosthesis can be inserted under the muscle or above it. The technique is related to the surgeon’s experience and preferences. I apply all the three techniques, deciding on the best for each patient. Of course, patient’s preference is considered.

Subsequent to the surgery, breasts are applied wound dressings, bra is used. A simple painkiller is enough to control possible pain and it fades away in a day or two. If the prosthesis is inserted under the muscles, then slight muscle pains may continue for a week. Prophylactic antibiotics must be used for 5 days. Stitches are absorbable, so they do not require to be removed. You will be shown a massage after the second week, which you should apply for a specific duration.

Patient can return back to work after 3-5 days. The most important problem after the surgery is capsule formation around the prosthesis. I insert the prosthesis under the muscle or muscle fascia if it is behind the mammarial glands in order to reduce this risk to minimum. This way, it is possible to minimize a complication risk which we call capsular contracture.

As a result, breast enlargement makes it possible to have a larger, aesthetically more beautiful breasts with higher volumes.


Breast Lift

Breast feeding, weight gain and loss, aging and gravity cause hanging breasts. Also, reduced elasticity of the skin changes the shape of the breasts and causes hanging loose breasts.

Hanging, loose, reduced breasts negatively affect breast aesthetics and women’s beauty.

Support bras that show the breasts volume and high do not solve the problem, they just mask it. Décolleté dresses reveal this problem again and women’s self-trust may get lowered.

Breast hanging can occur in two ways; first breast can be in sufficient volume or larger but hanging. In this case, the procedure is the same with the one told under breast reduction and lift topic.

Other hanging breast type is, breast being in low volumes and empty, which is the one actually told in here.

Breast hanging and looseness can be corrected with aesthetic operations. Other surgical techniques are used in breast lifting surgeries. These surgeries can be performed by just an incision around the areola as well as they may require another cut under the breasts. Skin elasticity, breast structure and desired results are the factors when determining the techniques.

Breast lift surgery is an intervention that shapes the breast and removes the looseness; it does not increase the volume and it may not solely be sufficient for reaching the normal sizes of the breast. In these cases, additional to breast lifting, breast prosthesis application towards volume increasing may provide the necessary volumes.

Excessively loosened skin is removed in breast lifting surgery. During the same procedure, the diameter of areola is also reduced and it is put back to its normal position.  The purpose is to give the women more shaped, beautiful breasts proportioned to her body.

Surgical scar and technique depends on the level of hanging. The latest advancements of aesthetic surgical techniques have shown its effect in breast aesthetic surgeries as well, tight breasts of wanted size and volumes can be acquired with very small scars under the areola or under the breasts. After this vertical scar technique, reverse T scar technique is almost never used again.

Therefore, horizontal scar under the breast does not occur, surgery can be done with just a small incision around the areola or extending downwards.


Light skinned people who have normal wound healing physiology does not develop clear scars after the operation. However, the visibility of the scars depend on the age, genetic features and structural specifications of the patient.

Breast lift surgery is done under general anesthesia or local anesthesia supported with sedation. It approximately takes 2 hours. You can stand up 2-3 hours after the surgery. Patients can be discharged on the same day or the next. Pain is not present to bother the patient after the operation. If pain is present, simple painkillers can control it easily. Surgical bras are worn on a thin wound dressing after the surgery. You can take a shower 2 days after the surgery and go to desk jobs after 5 days. Plane flights do not cause problems. There is no trouble of suture removal after breast lift surgery because it is done with absorbable hidden sutures. When suture lines recover, you can go to swimming pool and sea after 15 days.


Among all the aesthetic surgical procedures, breast lift surgeries are the fastest to show the physical results.

Through breast lift surgery, larger and more aesthetic breasts are formed, problems with décolleté dresses are removed, your self-trust is elevated, you can feel and look better in the society.


Breast Reduction

Breasts cover a specific area in the female body and every female wants to have beautiful breasts. It is every women’s dream to have large, aesthetically beautiful breasts. They may not always have beautiful breasts, they may be deformed due to some reasons such as childbirth, weight gain and loss.

Many women in our country and the world feel discomfort due to their breast sizes. Large and hanging breasts bring forth serious problems in women. Apart from impairing the physical image of the woman, it may cause neck, back and shoulder pains, impaired posture, hunching, breathing problems, rash development and fungal infections due to friction of the breasts with abdominal skin, deep scar development on the shoulder due to bra straps.

Very large breasts may make women and young girls feel ashamed and shy. Movement restriction it causes, Problems when choosing dresses, efforts to hide breast size may create social and psychological problems on the person. It is possible to get rid of these complaints large and hanging breasts cause through a breast reduction surgery.

Although it is an aesthetic surgery, breast reduction surgeries can be done with non-aesthetical purposes. These surgeries may be applied for physical relief, rather than a cosmetic improvement. Especially those with physical problems due to their breast size, feel a relief right after the operation. Fat, mammarial tissue and skin is removed with this surgery; breasts become smaller, lighter and tighter. During the same procedure, the diameter of areola can also be made smaller. The purpose is to give the woman smaller breasts with better shape and proportion.

The aims of breast reduction and lift operations are to make the breasts smaller into a proper size, gaining a natural, symmetric and young looking breasts that fit to your body sizes while doing this with a hidable scar and make sure the result lasts long terms.

Advancements of aesthetic surgery techniques show their effect in breast aesthetic operations as well, tight breasts of wanted size and volumes can be acquired with very small scars under the areola or under the breasts. After this vertical scar technique, reverse T scar technique is almost never used again. Therefore, horizontal scar under the breasts does not occur, surgery can be done with a small incision around the areola extending downwards.

Although mother milk amount may be reduced after the operation depending on the amount of mammarial gland removal, it is possible to breast feed in many cases. Operation scars are not clearly visible in those with light skin and normal wound healing physiology. However, the visibility of the scars still depend on the age, genetic structure and structural properties of the skin.




Patient is fully examined before the operation. Position of the areola, breast sizes, hanging condition and structures of the breast are evaluated. Examination leads the doctor for choosing the proper surgical technique. Also, it will be beneficial to evaluate mammarial tissue with a mammogram or mammarial USG.

Breast reduction surgery is made under general anesthesia; it approximately takes 3 – 4 hours. You can stand up 3-4 hours after the operation. Patients are discharged on the same day or the next. Pain is not present to bother the patient after the operation. If pain is present, simple painkillers can control it easily. Surgical bras are worn on a thin wound dressing after the surgery. You can take a shower 2 days after the surgery and go to desk jobs after 5 days. Plane flights do not cause problems

There is no trouble of suture removal after breast lift surgery because it is done with absorbable hidden sutures. When suture lines recover, you can go to swimming pool and sea after 15 days.

The breasts take its last shape and scars are reduced approximately in 3-6 months. Patient can get back to routine life during this process.

Among all the aesthetic surgical procedures, breast reduction surgeries are the fastest to show the physical results. Subsequent to breast reduction operation, patients feel a significant improvement in physical and mental conditions.

Your body will become more proportional and your dresses will fit on you better. Complaints due to large breasts fade quickly, replaced by a relief and comfort. Patients lose more weight with increased activity and gain a better general shape. People who know you may even think that you lost weight clearly.

Breast Reconstruction after Oncological Surgery

We perform Breast reconstruction after oncological surgeries with multidisciplinary approaches with your own tissue, implants or tissue enlargers.

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