Abdomen is an important aesthetic unit that affects the look of the body directly. Pregnancy and childbirth causes loosened skin and muscles, hanging and tearing of the skin (stria gravidarum) due to fast developing tension on the skin.
Also, men and more likely women may experience hanging and loosened skin due to the deformation after excessive gain weight. The muscles are separated due to tearing of the tissues between the muscles which form the abdominal wall and keep the inner organs inside and make the abdomen look flat, so the abdomen looks loose and hanging with the pressure of the organs.
Abdomen is not just fattened, the muscles are also loosened and hanging. This deformity causes general health problems such as back and waist pain apart from problems such as dresses that won’t fit, trouble to wear bikinis and swimsuits in the summer.
It is possible to get rid of this problem with abdominal tightening operation (Abdominoplasty).
Abdominoplasty is a surgery in which excessive skin and fat tissue is removed, muscles of the abdominal wall tightened. Mostly, it gives better results when liposuction is also added for waist thinning. At the end, this surgery removes the torn skin, excessive fat and tightens your abdomen to look much better…
Abdominal lift operation is not just for people with excessive weight. Thin people with hanging abdominal skin and torn skin can also benefit from this surgery.
IF abdominal skin is hanging and the patient is overweighed, abdominoplasty is made along with liposuction. If hanging is not present, sole liposuction is sufficient.
Correction of old cesarean scars, treatment of umbilical hernias etc. is possible through abdominoplasty. Abdomen becomes flat, waist is thinned and intraabdominal volume is reduced; some patients reach feeling of fullness with less eating after the operation. This is an affect that makes weight loss easier.
Patients who plan to lose weight should postpone the surgery and lose all the possible weight before the surgery.